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Although America is often referred to as a “land of immigrants,” our immigration system fails to offer a path to citizenship for many. In addition to living in fear of deportation and separation from their families, most undocumented immigrants also struggle financially; two-thirds are in households with income below 200% of the federal poverty level, and one in seven live in deep poverty. These immigrants are also particularly vulnerable to labor abuses such as wage theft.

Last year, Congress attempted to block executive actions that would have helped  undocumented immigrants obtain work permits, protected immigrants from labor abuses, and expanded eligibility of certain immigrants for deferred deportation.

Votes Related to Immigration

H. 320—Prohibiting undocumented immigrants from receiving federal housing assistance: Consistent with other policies that endanger and impoverish undocumented immigrants, this amendment reaffirmed existing law that prohibits undocumented immigrants from receiving federal housing assistance.

S. 63—Banning use of federal funds for aiding undocumented immigrants: Passage of this legislation would have prohibited the use of federal funds to implement executive orders that would help millions of undocumented immigrants avoid deportation and obtain work permits.

S. 124—Deporting thousands of unaccompanied children via expedited removal: Adoption of this amendment demonstrated the support of the Senate for deporting thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America through expedited removal, effectively revoking their protection of due process.

H. 29—Banning use of federal funds for improving the financial security of undocumented immigrants: Implementation of this amendment would have banned the use of federal funds to implement certain executive actions aimed at improving the financial security of millions of undocumented immigrants.

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